Results of scientific research

Here you can find links to scientific research on the HeartMath tools and techniques.


Emotional Self-Regulation Program Enhances Psychological Health and Quality of Life in Patients with Diabetes

Cardio Vascular Disease

A Controlled Pilot Study of Stress Management Training of Elderly Patients With Congestive Heart Failure
Lessons from Survivors: The Role of Recreation Therapy in Facilitating Spirituality and Well-Being


Maximizing Performance while Reducing Risk

Impact of workplace stress reduction on bloodpressure and emotional health in hypertensive employees

HeartMath and Hypertension, mini trial in Arabia, 2010

Coherence: a novel nonpharmacological modality for lowering bloodpressure in hypertensive patients, Global advances in health and medicine May 2012

Stress & depression & anxiety & schizophrenia

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Chronic pain

Non-pharmacological intervention for chronic pain in veterans: a pilot study of heart rate variability biofeedback, berry, et al, Global Advances in Health, March 2014

Heart Coherence Training Combined with Back School in Patients with Chronic Non-specific Low Back Pain: First Pragmatic Clinical Results, Appl. Psychophysiol Biofeedback, Soer et Al, October 2014

Education & cognitive function

A mixed method analysis of an Early Intervention Program for students with behavioural and concentration difficulties in two schools in Malmö, Sweden, Doctors thesis Jan 2015, Michael David Lynch

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TestEdge® National Demonstration Study 2007
The Garden of the Heart: HeartMath—The New Biotechnology For Treating Children with ADD/ADHD and Arrhythmia
Improving Test-Taking Skills and Academic Performance in High School Students Using HeartMath Learning Enhancement Tools
The Role of the Heart in Learning and Intelligence
Early Childhood Development and Learning:What New Research on the Heart and Brain Tells Us about Our Youngest Children

The effect of HeartMath Techniques on Emotional Intelligence, 2005, Dissertation Sarah Ruth Hake


Emotions & HRV

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The Psysiological and Psychological effects of Compassion and Anger

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Coherence and healthcare cost - RCA actuarial study: a cost-effectiveness cohort study, Alternative Therapies, Juli/Aug 2010

Reformed church of America, analysis of HeartMath experience, nov 2009

Five Global Companies: Personal & Business Benefits of the Inner Quality Management® Program
The Effect of Employee Self-Management Training on Personal and Organizational Quality
Optimizing Performance in Times of Change
Improving the Bottom-Line
Cost Benefits with HeartMath®

Return on investment when implementing the HeartMath System

HeartMath in UK healthcare: does it add up?, Journal of holistic healthcare, Spring 2013


Building Resilience in an Urban Police Department, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2016

Police research testimonial Sandra I. Ramey, 2016

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Health, Performance and Resilience

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Implementatieonderzoek HeartMath Methode bij studenten van het Prins Claus Conservatorium, juni 2010

Music structure determines heart rate variability of singers, frontiers in psychology, July 2013


The journal of alternative and complementary medicine, volume 10, 2004 "Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition: Part 1"

The journal of alternative and complementary medicine, volume 10, 2004 "Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition: Part 2"

Intuitive intelligence, self-regulation and lifting conciousness, Global Advances in Health and Medicine, March 2014


For more information on the Research behind HeartMath we refer you to Research has been publicated in The American Journal of Cardiology, Integrative Phsiological and Behavioral Science and Alternative Therapies. Also you can download a short summary of the Health Care Impact of HeartMath. For an extensive overview of all research and casestudies please go to In case you want to start a research please contact Robert Erdbrink from Heartmath Benelux.