About the store

Due to higher shipping costs, obliged VAT (21%) and import duties to be paid at delivery, our prices are slightly lower for EEC based customers than when ordered straight from the United States. If you need more information click here.


How to use the webstore

Enter the store by clicking on the colomn on the left of the webpage. You can order by adding products to the cart. When you have completed your order, click on check-out. The next step is entering or checking your account information. After this, click continue. Your full order will be shown. At the bottom of this page you have to choose a method of payment.

For orders outside the EEC we do not charge VAT, ie the excluding VAT price is the total price.


How to pay

The possible methods of payment are:

  • Payment in advance. You will receive automatically an invoice by mail. So its up to you to decide how you want to forward the money to us. After receiving the money, we ship the ordered products by express delivery. If you are a company not based in the Netherlands and send us your VAT number by mail, we can send the invoice without charging VAT.
  • Paypal (creditcard) With PayPal you are able to pay with creditcard through the secured PayPal site. After the payment you receive an invoice of the order by e-mail.
  • Ideal (suited for the customers of ABNAmro, ING, Rabobank and SNSBank). We will forward you to the secured site of Rabobank Omnikassa, where you can pay through the electronic banking facility of your own bank. When the payment is succesfull, you receive an invoice of the order by e-mail.


How we ship

In general your order wil be shipped in two business days. The original invoice will be added to the package. The download link for your ordered e-book(s) will be sent within two business days.

Shipping and handling via UPS
(excl. VAT)
1 day
Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany
1-2 days
France / Great Britain / Denmark / Italy / Monaco / Czechie / Poland / Austria / Spain / Finland / Sweden / Portugal / Ireland
2-5 days
Other European countries
2-5 days
Rest of the World (express mail, UPS is charged extra)
50 5-7 days



Our warranty

We give a 24 months warranty on products sold by HeartMath Benelux. We will replace soft- or hardware at short notice.


Our service

When you need more information or have special demands, i.e. on shipment, please contact us:

E: info@heartmathbenelux.com 

T: +31 43 36 55 626.