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On Wednesday June 6th HeartMath USA co-founder Howard Martin, author of The HeartMath Solution and Heart Intelligence, will visit the Netherlands to facilitate a unique workshop. Click here for more information.

HeartMath for Kids

Wild Ride to the Heart Game

Play it at home or in the classroom

Make a face that shows frustration or happiness. Tell about a time you felt calm or scared. What color would your heart be if it were a color? Those are just a few of the challenges players face in HeartMath’s new Wild Ride to the Heart™ game, where the first player to reach the heart at the center of the board, wins. But win or lose, the whole family will soon learn the true fun in playing Wild Ride...

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HeartSmarts Grades 3-5 Teacher

New social and emotional supplemental learning program
There's enormous pressure to do well in school and fit in, and numerous relationship challenges with family, friends and teachers. HeartSmarts teaches students to manage stress, improve learning and strengthen relationships. The program is based on the Institute of HeartMath's innovative research into the physiology of learning, teaching students a core set of tools and strategies that become part of the m...

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TestEdge® Interactive Learning Program

A major study has found that 74% of students using TestEdge demonstrated significantly reductions in their test anxiety levels. The TestEdge tools also boost comprehension and problem solving because they are so highly effective in increasing clarity. If learning or test taking is causing you stress, you'll want to experience TestEdge.
With TestEdge, students gain greater understanding of how their emotions and attitudes affect their academic work ...

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