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Op 17 juli om 20 uur vindt de eerstvolgende Add Heart Call plaats. Deze keer met Gregg Braden. Deelname is gratis.


Nieuw: wordt ook Add Heart Facilitator en draag bij aan een mooiere wereld voor jezelf en voor anderen. Eerstvolgende training op 26 september te Hilversum.


Solving Sleeplessness (e-Booklet)

If you have been having sleepless nights lately, you will find a lot of information to help in the e-booklet. Personal stories and instructions are provided for using a powerful tool to help you sleep more peacefully and more often.


For over 15 years Doc Childre and the HeartMath® staff have been producing books, training programs, research papers, articles, technology and learning systems which combined make up the HeartMath System.



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Transforming Stress (e-Booklet)

Stress has become so pervasive that we have simply adapted to this unhealthy condition. Too much stress, creates overload, your creativity and clarity decline, you start to have more aches and pains, fragmented thinking and negative attitudes. Stress ages us before our time and robs us of our vitality and enjoyment of life. In this e-booklet, discover the key to transforming stress and developing a new level of emotional management.


For over 15 years Doc Childre an...

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