Many people have benefited from the HeartMath technique. Some teach themselves with the help of the HeartMath books, and some use the instructions given with the emWave® PC (formerly the Freeze Framer) or with the portable emWave® Personal Stress Reliever®. To achieve lasting benefits, HeartMath Benelux also offers specialized guidance to help you integrate those techniques into your daily life.


“Since I’ve been using HeartMath, I feel more in touch with my emotions, but less controlled by them.”


You can choose from a broad range of courses, work shops and training programs. The programs vary from a short morning or afternoon introduction to a three-day training to become a licensee. For more information read Workshops.

In addition, HeartMath Benelux has a pool of one-on-one providers, all of whom are (health care) professionals trained in the HeartMath techniques. These professionals coach individual clients who want to improve their way of performing. (see List of 1:1 Providers). For more details on what our Providers have to offer, please see below.



HeartMath Providers offer the unique Stress Relief Program. This program is easy to learn, less time consuming, effective and supported by modern technology.
It is based on scientific knowledge about the interaction between the heart and brain and how it can be influenced to feel relaxed and fit in every situation.


Some characteristics of this approach:


  • Coaching is based on personal goals
  • The techniques are integrated into the client’s day-to-day life
  • Creates awareness of stress patterns
  • Clients learn to break through undesirable patterns
  • Trains heart coherence with the Freeze-Framer or emWave


The licensed HeartMath Providers maintain the quality of their work by means of intervision and permanent education. Research results and experience with clients in several countries are being used in the process.

During the initial contact with your provider, you can communicate your specific wishes and expectations and receive a personalized plan. The provider can help you find your own way with the emWave® PC and/or with the emWave, or offer you up to 6 sessions where you will practice the technique and be coached in heart coherence. In addition to personal sessions, coaching by telephone is also possible.


Consistent application of the HeartMath technique offers the following benefits:


  • Less stress, more inner peace
    • More satisfaction and well being
    • Less anxiety and fear
    • Better balance of work and personal life
  • A clearer mind
    • Easier decision making
    • Reduce feelings of being overloaded and overwhelmed
    • Improve strategic thinking
    • Concentrate better
    • Enhance creativity of the mind
  • More energy and vitality
    • Be able to do more in less time
  • Improve emotional balance
    • Gain appreciation for others and/or for your job
    • Enhance self-confidence
    • Reduce mood swings
  • Better health
    • Reduce physical complaints like fatigue and headaches


Experiences with the HeartMath program:


‘I sleep much better, I can relax easier and I am working on a good connection with my heart! Also thanks to the HeartMath “Stress Relief Program” including Frits Hulsink’s coaching.’
Participant SRP program


‘HeartMath is a unique stress reduction system that is unusually effective for reducing anxiety and improving performance. Unlike many other products and services that make similar claims, it has a solid scientific basis and has been thoroughly tested in a variety of settings that have clearly demonstrated these benefits.‘
Paul J. Rosch, M.D., F.A.C.P., President of the American Institute of Stress and Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College.

‘The HeartMath program has allowed me to easily de-stress myself amidst the numerous challenges and opportunities that are part of any leader's daily regimen. Since the HeartMath training, I find I can respond to the deluge of demands and priorities with more focus and near absence of agitation, and therefore far more readily make well-reasoned, thoughtful decisions.’
Jack Peterson, Vice President, Performance Improvement & OD Services, Sierra Providence Hospital Network (a Tenet Hospital)


‘Don't underestimate the power of HeartMath tools. Their simplicity and ease of use are compelling in today's roller coaster world. In our online, wired lives HeartMath gives us a way to reclaim control and regain clarity about the "who, what, when, where and why" that can get lost when we move at internet speed.’
Buddy Teaster, Chief Networking Officer, Young Presidents Organization


Further reading (the following books are also available in our store):


  • Transforming Anxiety
  • Transforming Anger
  • Transforming Stress
  • Heart Focus
  • Your brain as medicine (not available in our store)


If you are interested in our individual training, please contact one of our one-to-one providers. (See List of 1:1 Providers.)