Wild Ride to the Heart Game

Wild Ride to the Heart Game

Prijs (incl. BTW): € 22.00

Dit HeartMath bordspel is ontworpen om kinderen te leren hun emoties te herkennen, uit te drukken en te reguleren. Helaas is het Wild Ride to the Heart spel alleen in het engels verkrijgbaar.
Als aanvulling is er nu ook een vloerspel beschikbaar waardoor met grotere groepen gespeeld kan worden (zie onderaan voor meer informatie).

Play it at home or in the classroom
Make a face that shows frustration or happiness. Tell about a time you felt calm or scared. What color would your heart be if it were a color? Those are just a few of the challenges players face in HeartMath’s new Wild Ride to the Heart™ game, where the first player to reach the heart at the center of the board, wins. But win or lose, the whole family will soon learn the true fun in playing Wild Ride – again and again – is because it makes you feel good in your heart.

Emotional Awareness and Balance
Wild Ride is especially designed to teach children about recognizing, expressing and balancing their emotions. The game incorporates HeartMath’s nearly two decades of scientific research and field studies into the physiology of emotions and the intelligence of the heart. For those who are lucky, the journey to the finish will be smooth, but chances are they’ll have

a Wild Ride as they make funny faces, tell stories and have lots of fun. It’s good for the heart.


  • Colorful, illustrated game board
  • Markers for moving around the board
  • Surprise Cards that challenge players to perform various tasks, including:
    • Make faces of different emotions.
    • Describe what makes you feel certain emotions: frustration, disappointment, courage.
    • Practice a simple, but powerful HeartMath emotion-regulation tool called Go to the Heart™.†
  • Emotions Definition Cards that explain the meaning of the most common emotions: love, sadness, happiness, anger, calm, and fear.
  • Spinner
  • Two dice: Instead of the spinner, one die may be rolled for moves (The other die is a spare.)

Important Features:

  • Can be played at home or in the classroom.
  • Incorporates scientific research of emotions and heart intelligence.
  • Helps children begin to identify and understand their emotions.
  • Helps children in their relationships with family and friends at home, school and play.
  • Can aide in bringing family and friends closer.

Includes instructions and aids in Spanish. For adults and children ages 4 and above.

Het 'Wild Ride to the Heart' vloerspel is een leuke aanvulling op bovengenoemd spel, waardoor ook coöperatief groepspel mogelijk wordt. Zeer uitnodigende, vrolijke kleuren gedrukt op 510 grams PVC zeildoek van 160/160 met om de 30 cm ringen. Dit vloerspel is alleen te gebruiken in kombinatie met het Wild Ride to the Heart bordspel. 

<span style="Times New Roman" "="">Het vloerspel is te bestellen door een e-mail te zenden naar onze coördinator Onderwijs en Jeugdzorg wim.gijzen@heartmathbenelux.com. Prijs (excl. BTW) € 58,68, Prijs (incl. 21% BTW) € 71,00, excl. € 7,50 verzendkosten.