Tropical Heat

Tropical Heat

Prijs (incl. BTW): € 109.00

Tropical Heat kan alleen gebruikt worden in combinatie met de emWave Desktop, emWave Pro of emWave2 en is alleen beschikbaar met Engelstalige handleiding!

Ideaal voor volwassenen en kinderen die van computerspelletjes houden om onder spanning hun coherentievaardigheden te oefenen.

Visit the virtual island of your dreams with sparkling seas and dazzling sunsets in HeartMath’s new and exciting Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing game. Tropical Heat, based on heart rate feedback has multi-player racing, top notch graphics and animation, and amazing trick capabilities that make the game fun and teach you greater inner control of your heart rate and stress levels. Tropical Heat can be played in hands free relaxing island cruise mode, extreme racing mode, or many modes in between. Tropical Heat has a setting for everyone, whether that is a relaxing cruise through beautiful tropical islands, or an extreme race to achieve the Tropical Heat World Record.

Special Features

  • Experience sparkling seas, beautiful sunsets, lush foliage, splashing dolphins, gliding birds, and warm tropical raindrops.
  • Multiple music settings for a relaxing, energizing, or tropical mood.
  • Customize your Jet Ski character: Choose a man or a woman, swimsuit, hair style, sunglasses and the Jet Ski.
  • Perform amazing Jet Ski stunts: pull off a handstand, Superman, roll, or flip in the air!
  • Learn breathing and heart rate control as you play, using the breath pacer animations that are integrated into Tropical Heat.


Playing Tropical Heat and practicing HeartMath techniques can:

  • Optimize heart rhythms and raise coherence.
  • Increase physical, mental and emotional balance.
  • Sharpen focusing and attention skills.
  • Improve decision-making and other cognitive abilities.

Note: Playing this game on a Mac or PC requires either the emWave® Desktop or emWave2

System Requirements


  • Microsoft Windows® XP SP3 or Vista 7
  • 256MB dedicated video card w/DirectX9
  • 2 GB RAM — recommended 2GB or more
  • DVD drive and USB port
  • Internet Access Recommended


  • Mac OS® X 10.6.8 or later
  • 256MB dedicated video card w/DirectX9
  • DVD drive and USB Port
  • Internet Access Recommended
  • If you are using a Mac PowerPC, emWave Games and Tutorials are not supported