Autonomic Assessment (e-Book)

Autonomic Assessment (e-Book)

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Autonomic Assessment Report: A Comprehensive Heart Rate Variability Analysis--Interpretation Guide and Instructions

Intended primarily for researchers and health care professionals, this guidebook provides an excellent introduction to the use of 24-hour heart rate variability (HRV) analysis in the assessment of the autonomic nervous system. HRV analysis provides a unique window into the dynamics of sympathetic and parasympathetic control of the heart, is useful for assessing autonomic involvement in a number of pathologies, and is also used to enhance health risk stratification. This guidebook was originally written for physicians and researchers who utilize the HeartMath Research Center's 24-hour Autonomic Assessment Report (AAR) in clinical research and assessment.

In response to the many requests IHM has received for a publication that provides an understandable explanation of the various measures used in HRV analysis, the HeartMath Research Center is making this guidebook available to the public in an electronic format. The guidebook includes clear and detailed descriptions of both time domain and frequency domain measures of HRV and explains how these measures are interpreted in clinical applications to provide a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of autonomic activity and balance.

The use of circadian rhythm analysis in the assessment of autonomic function is also discussed. Additional topics covered include the effects of stress, emotions, and emotional management interventions on autonomic function and balance; alterations in autonomic function in various clinical disorders; aging and HRV; and Holter recorder hook-up procedures. Numerous clinical examples, including charts and segments of actual HRV recordings, are provided throughout the booklet to illustrate the concepts discussed. A valuable resource for health and science professionals interested in exploring 24-hour HRV analysis as a powerful, noninvasive diagnostic and research tool.

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