HeartMath Solution is a one day training for anyone who wishes to give a fundamentally new impulse to his or her own health, for anyone seeking a less stressful and more balanced life. The training is aimed at applying and implementing the HeartMath tools in daily life.


“Since I’ve been using HeartMath, I feel more in touch with my emotions, but less controlled by them”



Among many other things, you will learn about these HeartMath tools: Neutral, Quick Coherence®, Freeze Frame® and the Lock-in®. You will discover the science behind HeartMath and will receive extensive practice with the emWave® Pro and emWave2 Biofeedback Systems. The emWave®2 is included in the price.


After the training, you will know about:


  • Neutral for its use in conflict, tense situations and to help manage strong emotions
  • Quick Coherence for day-to-day use and to feel better instantly
  • Freeze Frame for better handling of stressful situations and problem-solving


And after a while, the people around you will notice:


  • you can handle stressful situations better
  • you are less irritated or frustrated
  • you can support yourself in finding a new direction
  • you can better manage your emotions
  • you think more clearly and focus better


The training will be one day

Dates & location: At the moment all trainings are in Dutch, on requests english trainings for groups (minimum of 8 attendees) can be delivered.



The HeartMath Solution is a one-day training from 10:00 to 17:00 o'clock.



The investment for this training is € 150,- per person (incl.VAT and lunch).


Registration is possible by phone (+31 (0)43-3655626) or e-mail: info@heartmathbenelux.com