HeartMath Coach and Mentoring Program

Become a HeartMath Coach/Mentor and learn to deliver HeartMath’s scientifically validated tools in a coaching style. Coaches are trained and licensed to teach clients the HeartMath System in a one-on-one setting. This in-depth program gives you a toolbox of research-based techniques for coaching others in core skills that can build and sustain resilience and boost performance.

Your certification includes:

  • A license that allows for the commercial use of HeartMath’s intellectual property and to promote yourself as a HeartMath trained professional.
  • Instruction in how to teach the research and science behind the HeartMath System.
  • Instruction in how to teach six core HeartMath’s tools and techniques,
  • Instruction in how to use emWave® and Inner Balance® technology products.
  • Support in how to integrate the HeartMath System into your other professional services.
  • Discounts on most of HeartMath’s line of products.
  • Membership to HeartMath’s coach network for continuing education and on-going support.

Location & training agenda Dutch Coach Certification trainings
The training takes place from 10 tot 17.30. A lunch will be served.

Date(s) Location Language
5 februari, 5 maart, 26 maart en 16 april 2021
Baarn Dutch

At the moment most trainings are in Dutch, on requests english trainings for groups (minimum of 8 attendees) can be delivered.

English trainings
Several times per year a special English language HeartMath Intensive is organized where you will be trained to become a certified HeartMath® Coach and a certified HeartMath® Trainer. No pre-training is required.

Also it is now possible to follow the Coach Certification training online. For more information and registration please click here. Please note that the program is hosted by HeartMath USA and that therefor additional VAT costs can be charged by your own country upon receiving the materials. No pre-training is required.

For more information:

Contact us on info@heartmathbenelux.com or call us on +31 (0)43 365 56 26.