Building Personal Resilience Program

Receive personal instruction on how to reduce your stress and improve the quality of your life with HeartMath® technology.

This focused and practical program teaches you how to use basic HeartMath® tools to achieve quick and sustained stress relief. You will learn how to integrate these tools into your life to improve health, enhance performance and achieve an overall sense of well being. In addition, you will receive instruction on how to use HeartMath’s innovative emWave2 or the emWave Pro to accelerate your learning as well as track your progress.

Instructors: Choose from HeartMath Benelux’s network of over 450 HeartMath Licensed Coaches who are located throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg (see list HeartMath Coaches). Our Coaches offer expertise in a wide range of categories that include: Life coaching, Stress Management, Health and Wellness, Sports, Professional and Organizational Development, Families and Education.

Format: Your Coach will guide you through 7 lessons that combine instruction, coaching and tool practice. Some providers offer a choice of phone or face to face instruction. You and Provider can tailor the program to best meet your objectives and fit your schedule.

Materials: You will receive your own workbook, The Building Personal Resilience Program, available only from your HeartMath Coach.