More resilience, less stress - In 3 steps to a higher coherence

In this course you will learn how you can use your heart for improving your resilience, emotional wellbeing, mental fitness and overall health.

  • How do you bring yourself mentally and emotionally in a better condition?
  • What is the influence of stress on your heart rhythm?
  • What role does your brain play in this?
  • How do you use techniques to change your heart rhythm and lower your stress level?
  • You will be given three techniques that you can use at any place and in any situation?




Stressmanagement: first the body, than the brain follows. Changing stress patterns through cognition is very difficult, changing your heart rhythm will help you deal with stress and improve your resilience. Here you learn how this works.

Module 1 -  Stress and physiology

Module 2 -  Heart Rate Variability - The language of the Heart

Module 3 -  Feelings and emotions. Make a shift.


Robert Erdbrink
Director HeartMath Benelux


  • Why are body awareness and emotion regulation so important?
  • How do you influence your heart rhythm yourself?
  • What is the effect of emotions on your perception, thinking and behavior?
  • What is Heart Rhythm Variability (the language of the heart)?
  • What is heart coherence and how do you increase your heart coherence?
  • Three techniques to positively influence your heart rhythm:

        1. Notice & Ease, to take charge of stress and emotions
        2. Heart-Focused Breathing, to experience more balance
        3. Quick Coherence, the shift to renewing emotions

What can you expect?

We explain how heart coherence works. In addition, you will do exercises and get homework assignments. You will not only learn, but also experience.

The training consists of three modules. We advice you to do one module a week. In this way you give yourself the time to integrate the information and the different techniques into your daily life and work.


BONUS: E-book Science of the Heart


An accessible e-book about the science behind the HeartMath method. With research on self-regulation through the heart, Heart Rhythm Variability, heart-brain communication, intuition, heart coherence in health care, education and business (social coherence).



This training can be done with or without an Inner Balance Coherence Plus(ear sensor).

Investment € 29,50


Do you want to buy the training including Inner Balance Coherence Plus (retail price € 265,-)?

Investment with Inner Balance Trainer € 285,-

NB: This training is not meant for people who want to work with HeartMath professionally.
For these people we recommend the our trainings for professionals.


Would you like to combine this online training with coaching?

A coach can guide you in deepening your techniques and help you integrate them into your daily life. You can contact one of the  certified coaches in Europe.

Overview HeartMath Coaches


Who do you fool most when it comes to stress? ...yourself!

Advantages of biofeedback:

  1. It increases your body awareness
  2. You see your progress
  3. It works motivating
  4. It helps you to manage your stress even better.
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