Free Stress test

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Is your stress level healthy or not?
Why did you find this page? Maybe you are worried about your stress level or the fact that the quality of your sleep is poor.

This test will help you to investigate whether your worries are justified and you indeed have a high stress level or even risk a burn-out. This test is scientifically validated and 100% confidential.


This test is offered to you in cooperation with the independent research institute Soffos. Soffos specializes in developing, taking and processing questionnaires. Soffos works for a large number of healthcare professionals, welfare, education and police organizations.

Your data will be processed on the Soffos site. This site is fully secured. Your data will be 100% confidential and scores cannot be traced back. HeartMath does not receive your data. After you have completed the test, you will receive your score.