Our Story

HeartMath System: Connecting Heart and Mind
HeartMath was born out of a deep sense of caring for people and our planet. Founded in 1991 by Doc Childre, HeartMath has developed a system of effective, scientifically based tools and technologies to bridge the intuitive connection between heart and mind and deepen our connection with the hearts of others.

In the video below six colleagues from HeartMath USA give a beautiful glimpse of what the mission means to them. You will experience the heart of HeartMath.


The HeartMath system empowers people to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, increase resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making more effective choices. This enables people to break through to greater levels of personal balance, creativity, insight and health. Over 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilizing HeartMath techniques or technologies to achieve beneficial outcomes have been published.

HeartMath Family
Today, the HeartMath family includes the nonprofit HeartMath Institute and HeartMath Inc* and over 8,000 certified HeartMath trainers, coaches and health professionals. Together we serve people of all ages and walks of life around the world in their homes, communities, and organizations. HeartMath’s research on personal, social and global coherence shows how we can become more empowered directors of our future and the quality of our lives. As more of us cooperate and connect from the heart, together we can create a more compassionate world filled with true care and harmonious interactions. (Practical Spirituality.)

HeartMath Benelux
HeartMath Benelux is the official alliance of HeartMath in the Benelux and has been founded by Rob Erdbrink to stimulate the use of HeartMath techniques in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) and to offer a platform for all users. Since 2008 HeartMath Benelux has also offered trainings and service in Germany, since 2014 HeartMath Deutschland has been founded in close relation with HeartMath Benelux to provide HeartMath trainings and service in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2020 HeartMath Benelux is also responsible for the French speaking markets in Belgium, France and Switzerland.


HeartMath Benelux provides in-company trainings, open workshops for individuals and train the trainer workshops for professional users. Clients are organizations like Shell, DSM, Philips, Unilever, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Deloitte, and many others. Since 2012 HeartMath Benelux has trained over 55.000 Dutch police officers. For more information click here.