emWave Solution for Better Sleep Guide (e-Book)

emWave Solution for Better Sleep Guide (e-Book)

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To use this program effectively we recommend you have or purchase an emWave2®

The emWave Solution for Better Sleep gives you a simple five step Easy Plan program that will help you reset your body's natural rhythms so you can sleep deeply again and wake up more refreshed and renewed. Three advanced techniques, the Power Plan, are also provided to further improve your ability to clear stress accumulation and improve sleep patterns.

In this program you will learn and use simple techniques along with the emWave2 to reset your natural rhythms. This combination of scientifically validated techniques and technology will show you how to improve sleep by making peace with stressors you can’t change and releasing stress reactions faster that have an effect on your body's rhythms. It will help you find new balance to improve not only sleep, but other aspects of your life as well.

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